Laminating enamels

– We’re a recognized leader in the supply of obscuration enamels for automotive glass. Whether its press-bend or traditional sag-bend, side-2 or side-4, our laminating enamels keep pace with the latest glass processing technologies.
– Supplied as paste, all products provide excellent opacity and efficient lay-down and can offer chemical durability that meets and exceeds current global standards.
– Our latest product selection of laminating enamels for automotive applications is available on request our compatible media systems.

Tempering enamels

– We have an extensive portfolio of glass enamels for tempering backlites, sidelites or sunroof glass.
– We offer printing media to help you achieve efficient paste lay-down and fired durability expected for automotive glass.
– Our latest product selection of tempering enamels for automotive glass is available on request and we can add to your product selection with our range of compatible silver pastes.

Silver paste

– We offer a range unleaded conductive silver pastes for glass applications including print-based in-car defogging systems, antennae and alarm circuits.
– Our efficient printing pastes optimized for conductivity, durability and connector adhesion on both toughened and laminated glass parts.
– The latest product selection of silver pastes is available on request which represents a small selection of the silver products and media systems we offer.