Who We Are ?

We are El Fostat Company for import and export, our head office is located in Cairo, Egypt. We are established since 1992, we operate in float glass, processed glass, automotive glass, tableware glass, medical ampoules, inks for digital ceramic and glass printing, textile printing and now we are offering scaffolding.Thanks to our qualified team and cutting edge technology enabling us to deliver high quality products to satisfy the industrial requirements. Insuring our customers its reliability and durability.Our vision to be the top leader in Middle East by satisfying current customer needs and tap potential in future Customer and emerging industry requirements by understanding and implementing breakthrough solutions.

We offer proactive customer support solutions, by making the first move toward helping our customers succeed before they reach out to us for help or even anticipate needing help. We help our customers to solve their pain points by proactively sharing resources and insights. Is a way to show them we care ….
The credibility of services rendered is attained by stringent compliance with customers’ expectations in process enhancement, services deliverable, and cost competency. Benchmarking its own performances against competitors further enables El Fostat to maintain competitiveness. Customers’ involvement in the quality assessment process has contributed to improving credibility and exceeding expectations in terms of service delivery, quality and cost.
Customers always come back to a business where they had the best experience. During our 30 years in business, we are known for our ability to meet agreed shipping and delivery dates. This is to guarantee full customer satisfaction and ensure client businesses' needs are met.